First things first!

Hi and thanks for stopping by, this is our first Fangirl Friday post!

Beth and I have done a few podcasts before and wanted to get back into the swing of things by starting small and building back up again for big stuff like San Diego Comic-Con 2013! In this reboot if you will, we re-hash the things we’re fangirly for, like nerdy movies and music and comics, and the things you can expect to hear us discussing. We appreciate any questions or comments, especially on fun debates like how awesome or not it is that Abrams is now doing both Star Trek and Star Wars…and who would win in a Kessel Run, the Enterprise, or the Millennium Falcon? We also explain the Fangirl Friday “Word of the Week”: Squee!

This most recent podcast was very on the fly and unstructured, as our previous podcast Late Night Ramblings used to be, it was mostly done as a warm up, and no editing was done, in the future Fangirl Friday will be a bit more cohesive.

Below you’ll find the podcast as well as some photos of what we’ve been up to recently and trailers of movies we mentioned.  Our next podcast will be more on current events, but this was just to break the ice.

Thanks for listening, looking forward to next Fangirl Friday!


Podcast notes and references for the visually inclined!

Star Wars That I Used to Know:

An awesome example of an awesome GeekShot photo

Beth with Steam Powered Giraffe at Wild Wild West Con!

Beth with Steam Powered Giraffe at Wild Wild West Con!

Posted by Shannon, who is currently re-reading

Days of Future Past...Don't screw it up Singer

Days of Future Past…Don’t screw it up Singer